This is a video edit made with excerpt parts of the show that I developed.

My tasks were: Editing, Compositing, VFX, Color Grading and Motion Design.

Further Project Details below the Pictures.

Commissioned by Boris Micka Associates and together with film director Dirk van den Berg, Tamschick Media+Space developed the spatial media design of the Atturaif Living Museum in Saudi Arabia. Atturaif was the original home of the Saudi royal family and the country’s first capital, founded in the 15th century in the dry valley Wadi Hanifa. In its very place lies today the capital Riyadh. In 2010, Atturaif was listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

A complex of several museums is now set to convey the cultural significance of Atturaif and Riyadh to visitors, and for locals, contribute to the identification with the history of their city.  In the linking of the different museums, Atturaif Living Museum constitutes a unique mix of history and innovation, of education and experience, of tradition and high tech.

The conceptual idea is based on letting the ruins of Atturaif tell their own story. To achieve this, we developed a 7-minute film and projected it with utmost precision onto the 600 square metres of the Salwa Palace’s facade. We did the elaborate filming together with local partners and Saudi actors on site. All of the costumes, tools and objects shown in the film were researched in close collaboration with historians and modelled in detail after their originals.

I had several roles on the whole production:
– Technical assistance during 1 week shooting in Nebras Films (Saudi Arabia)
– Editing, Compositing and VFX during the post-production process.
– Technical assistance during the implementation at the Atturaif Living Museum.

Year2019Linkwww.tamschick.comTasksEditing, Compositing, Motion Design

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