The Aeta commnunity live in the northern part of the Philippines on the island of Luzon.
Historians and anthropologists debate precisely when and how they migrated here,
the consensus being that they crossed from the island of Borneo between
20 and 30 thousand years ago, using a land bridge that was partially covered
by water around 5,000 years ago — the remaining part of which is now the island of Palawan.
Whatever the migration path was, they are without doubt among the first — if not the first —
inhabitants of the Philippines.

Binulo: The word ‘binulo’ refers to the Aeta method of cooking meat, fish and rice inside bamboo poles.

Filmed by me with the Panasonic Lumix Gh4

Designs by Sergio S. Vidal

Track: Nicolas Jaar – Too Many Kids Finding Rain In The Dust

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