During summer 2020 I was commissioned by the Humboldt Forum to create a narrative, animation video bringing to motion
the mural Weltdenken *Imagining the world* by New York-based artists How & Nosm.

The other task of the project was mapping it and make it work at the impressive Cosmograph, a Media Tower of over 20mts high and 5 / 360° shapes placed at the foyer of the Berliner Palace.

This an excerpt edit of the animation played on the 3d Simulator I used to adapt my work to the Cosmograph surface. Hopefully, soon we can enjoy it at it´s magnificent location.

The opening to the public has been postponed until further notice.

About the exhibition:
The animation is based on the 375 square meter mural “World Thinking” by the New York urban artist duo How and Nosm.

Urban Art is typical for Berlin – that’s why the large-scale mural “Weltdenken” by the twin brothers How and Nosm will introduce visitors* to the Berlin exhibition at the Humboldt Forum.
On 4,000 square meters, the exhibition is dedicated to the network of relationships between Berlin and the world,
focusing on a wide variety of topics such as revolution, open space, borders, pleasure, war, fashion, and interdependence.

The theme of How and Nosm’s mural is the leitmotif of the exhibition: Berlin and its connections with the world. At first glance, the work promises light entertainment
but on closer inspection, however, a critical examination of individual historical episodes that connect Berlin with the world reveals.

Critical themes such as German colonialism, looted art and environmental pollution are depicted, and well-known figures such as
the Humboldt brothers, Elector Friedrich Wilhelm and Christopher Columbus can be identified.

ClientHumboldt Forum BerlinYear2021Linkwww.humboldtforum.orgTasksMotion Design

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