Plant Based Pleasures

Plant-based Pleasures is a visual collaboration with Italian vegetarian chef Elena D´Alto
and my friend and actress Paulina Tovo.

We both share the idea that vegetables and plant-based food should not be understood just as healthy,
they have a lot of flavor potential and can trigger different emotions and sensations besides being healthy
and the most sustainable eating products.

I personally think they are sexy and there´s a huge creativity space for developing pleasurable food that´s respectful with the environment.

Most of the footage was filmed in my apartment and around my neighborhood in Kreuzberg, Berlin, during this crazy lockdown,
social distancing, weird times, that we are all experiencing.

Special thanks go to Chema Armengou for helping me mixing together all these sounds.

Hoping for a brighter, collaborative, kind future.

Edited in Adobe Premiere Graded on BMD’s DaVinci Reso

ClientPersonal project created during lockdown.Year2020TasksDirection, Videography, Editing, Motion Design and Grading

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