Three years ago, while in a collaboration with Philipinnes based chef Chele Gonzalez, regarding indigenous communities and cooking techniques, I had the opportunity of meeting the Tagbanua community, one of the oldest ethnic groups in the Philippines, sharing some days, living among them, at their protected lands in Coron Island, Palawan.

I knew that I was facing something extraordinary but never could imagine that it would be so topical today. Hopefully, this global crisis teaches us the importance of preserving and learning from these communities that have developed an environmental sustainable living with scrupulous respect to Nature.

I decided to create this humble video as a homage to their sustainable way of living that has allowed the natural resources and environment to remain on a pristine shape for thousands of years.

I think this respectful coexistence with nature through an environmentally friendly way of life should be an example for all of us on times where environmental consciousness seems critical for our future.

Written and directed by Rafael Calleja
Underwater and drone footage: Jacob Maentz
Sound edit and Composition: Chris Cork and Luke Warlow
Voice by Chiara Echevirri

ClientPersonal ProjectYear2018

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